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The THREE-A P606 RFT is the high performance run flat tires manufactured for passenger vehicles and SUVs. Drive after a loss of some or all inflation pressure for up to 80km at maximum speed up to 80km/h. Compatible with standard wheel rims. No need for a spare tire.
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Production Description


Pattern Features

■ Reinforced sidewalls
to support the vehicle in the event of an air pressure loss.

■ Asymmetric tread patterns- outer edge
Rigid tread block provides excellent cornering performance.

■Asymmetric tread patterns-inner edge
Improve braking performance and provide excellent water evacuation performance

Tread-center longitudinal strip
Improve straight running stability

■Interlocking tread blocks
Improve straight running performance
Tread blocks are interlocked on turning, which improves cornering performance

■ Formula of white carbon black rubber surface
Such design provides excellent grip on wet land.

P606 Run Flat Tires Specifications

Size Load index Speed index Approved rim Standard rim Section width O.D Tread depth
mm mm mm
195/55RF16 87 V 5.5~7J 6J 201 620 7.8
205/45RF17 88 W 6½~7½J 7J 206 616 7.8
205/50RF17 93 W 5½~7½J 6½J 214 638 7.8
205/55RF16 91 W 5½~7½J 6½J 214 632 7.8
225/40RF18 92 W 7.5~9J 8J 230 637 7.8
225/45RF17 91 W 7~8½J 7½J 225 634 7.8
225/45RF17 94 W 7~8½J 7½J 225 634 7.8
225/50RF17 94 W 6~8J 7J 233 658 7.8
225/55RF17 97 W 6~8J 7J 233 680 7.8
245/40RF18 97 W 8~9.5J 8½J 248 653 7.8
245/45RF18 100 W 7.5~9J 8J 243 677 7.8
245/45RF18 96 W 7.5~9J 8J 243 677 7.8

P606 Run Flat Tires Advantages

  • Increasing safety
  • Enhanced controllability
  • High speed performance
  • Good performance in wet and dry conditions
  • Run flat tire model

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