The Guide to Choose the Best Value Tyre for Your Truck

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“People wear shoes, while vehicles are equipped with tires.” As the ‘shoes’ of trucks, tires bear the heavy responsibility of carrying trucks for thousands of miles each day. So selecting the Best Value Tyre for trucks is crucial for ensuring safety, load capacity, fuel efficiency, durability, adaptability, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. I. How to choose Best Value […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Truck Tire 425 85R21

Guide to Truck Tire 425 85R21 Introduction: As we all know, truck tires are indispensable to the performance, safety and efficiency of heavy vehicles. Among them, in the field of heavy transportation,425 85r21 have played a very key role, greatly meeting the needs of the vast fleet of vehicles and people for long-distance travel. In […]

D802(America):Long distance TBR tire for US highways

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For many years, Three-A Tires has focused on providing products specifically designed for different markets, because this is the only way to make the tire truly perform at its full potential and benefit the customer. Today, we are introducing a tire designed for the American market, the D802, which has been adapted to the characteristics […]

The 9th Sales Business Annual Meeting, 2014, was held in Thailand


Ltd. successfully held the 9th Annual Salesmen’s Conference 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand from Nov. 25 to Nov. 29, 2014, inviting more than 180 distributors and salesmen from all over the country to gather together and seek development prospects. The General Manager of the Group, Mr. Song Shiliang, also attended the annual meeting. After nearly thirty […]