ICE KNIGHT: The Best Winter Tire for Passenger Car

ICE KNIGHT: The Best Winter Tire for Passenger Car

Although there are many winter tire on the market today, there is a lack of tires that have both winter and passenger car tire properties, so many customers have asked Shengtai Group for them. So today we would like to introduce you to the ICE KNIGHT tire from Rapid (a Shengtai sub-brand). As the name […]

T278: A very economical long-distance tire recommended for everyone


Do you have long-distance driving needs?Still having a headache because of the poor driving power of the tires? Still spending a lot of money because you can’t find economical tires?If so, we’d like to sincerely recommend the T278 to you!The T278 from ShengTai Group is the perfect solution to these problems! T278 Application Driving wheel […]

Why is the T118 considered to be the best coach tire?


Long-distance buses, which basically only travel on good roads, now have a very good choice of steerable tires. The T118 has been developed for the specific scenario of a coach, and the biggest advantage is that it can be driven at high speed with very low noise levels, but also with enough stability to keep […]

P306: All-weather low noise, durable tire


P306 is a tire that focuses on reducing driving noise and improving service life.It has excellent all-weather suitability, providing excellent traction and braking performance in all weather. So far, ThreeA Tires has sold a very large number of P306 tires and has received repeated positive feedback from customers. Advantages • Low noise emission and low […]

Z801: Long-haul TBR tire designed for the U.S. market

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Thanks to the superior and professional standards of tire production compared to its peers, Three-A Tires has released a number of excellent products one after another. That’s why Three-A Tires is so popular in the United States, so in order to better meet the needs of the American market, we designed the Z801 specifically for […]

A107: Trusted ultra-wearable OTR tires

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OTR tires are an extremely difficult tire category to make, as they are used in tougher scenarios than regular tires, with muddy and rough roads. However, today we are pleased to announce that Three-A Tires has launched the A107 tire for the global tire market, designed specifically for the OTR use case. In response to […]

D801: Amazingly cost effective TBR tires

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For medium and long haul trucks, it is a very difficult problem to select a suitable highway tire. Since the truck is always running at high speed, the friction performance of the tire is very demanding, and the tire that can provide more stable grip is suitable for use. Also at high speeds, tires can […]

A108: the ultimate off-road truck tire


The A108, there has never been a tire so well suited to the needs of off-road trucks. This Radial truck tire has been specifically enhanced for off-road needs and offers excellent puncture, deflection, tear and treadwear resistance. After actual testing, the A108 has better friction and longevity performance than competing tires in the same scenario […]