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Shengtai Group is now one of the Top 10 car tire manufacturers in China. PCR Tires can offer a wide range of sizes, including SUV, 4*4, LTR, COMFORT HP, SPORT UHP, AT, MT, COMMERCIAL VAN, SNOW, RUNFLAT tires. Right now, our PCR TYRES already cover more than 140 countries with more than 40 agents worldwide and all of customers are very satisfied with quality and price.

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Shengtai PCR Tires, originates from European world-class leading technology.

Machinery & Equipment

The advanced Dutch VMI high-end one-shot molding machine is adopted, with less human participation, high degree of automation and high efficiency. It can produce 400-600 pieces per shift, and the single tire operation time is only about 40 seconds. High-precision equipment will steadily improve the tire’s uniform performance.
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THREE A Tire Brand 3A from Largest Tire Manufacturer Shengtai Group
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Mainly  used  for  belt  cutting,  with  the  advantages  of  high  cutting  precision,  high  cutting  efficiency  and  simple  equipment  maintenance.  The  belt  layer  can  be  cut  between  18  degrees  and  30  degrees,  and  the  cutting  speed  can  reach  22  knives  per  minute.  According  to  the  current  rolling  width,  the  coiling  speed  can  reach  60m/min.  At  the  same  time,  the  process  of  wrapping  and  welting  can  be  done.  The  hemming  speed  is  above  40m/min,  and  the  production  efficiency  is  high.  The  production  line  is  fully  automatic  joint  lamination,  and  can  also  realize  the  function  of  wide  cutting and cutting. On the basis of the original, the efficiency is increased by more than 50%.
Shengtai Tyres Factory- PCR and TBR Tyres THREE-A brand

Quality PCR Tires from Strict Inspection

At present, the testing equipments all adopt Kobelco uniformity testing machine and Schenck dynamic balance testing machine imported from Japan. The advantages of this equipment are high testing accuracy, high testing efficiency, high testing stability and good reproducibility. The numerical deviation radial force is within 1kg, and the dynamic balance deviation is within 0.5 standard deviation.
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Production Capacity

 Car tire 50000pcs/day, Truck tire 6000pcs/day
• Main Brands: “THREE-A” “RAPID” “AOTELI” brands semi-steel passenger car tires(PCR); “THREE-A” “AOTELI”, “YATONE”, “SHENGTAI” Brands all-steel radial truck tires (TBR).
 Automatic Tire Warehouse, the maximum inventory volume can reach 1.2 million; the maximum daily sorting volume can reach 40,000 pieces/day; the maximum shipment volume can reach 60,000 pieces/10 hours (6,000 pieces/hour). 
THREE A Tire Brand from Largest Tire Manufacturer Shengtai Group

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