A Comprehensive Guide to Truck Tire 425 85R21

Guide to Truck Tire 425 85R21


As we all know, truck tires are indispensable to the performance, safety and efficiency of heavy vehicles. Among them, in the field of heavy transportation,425 85r21 have played a very key role, greatly meeting the needs of the vast fleet of vehicles and people for long-distance travel. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of the 425 85r21 tyre (also known as the 425 85R21 Steering tire). We will discuss its specifications, applications and demonstrate its durability and performance. In addition to this, we will also discuss some well-known tire brands that produce this tire size.

425 85r21 tyre

425 85 21 Heavy Duty Truck Tyre

The 425/85R21 tire is a heavy-duty radial truck tire with a nominal size of 425 mm wide, 85% aspect ratio, and 21 “rim diameter. In terms of load carrying capacity and load index, this tire is designed to handle heavy loads, and its load rating varies depending on the specific tire model and brand. The tire features a multi-layer construction with a robust tread pattern that optimizes durability, traction and stability to a certain extent.

425/85R21 tires are commonly used in a variety of heavy-duty truck applications, including dump trucks, cement mixers and other construction vehicles that require superior load-bearing capacity.

SpecificationslevelLoad Indexspeed levelMeasuring rimOuter diameter /mmdriving surface width /mmtire load /kginflation pressure /kpapattern depth /mm

425 85r21 Features

  1. Each pattern block is relatively strong, and the tire is connected by the reinforcing bars so that the tire has better toughness;
  2. Herringbone pattern has strong off-road performance;
  3. Low air pressure and wide driving surface design to provide small ground specific pressure, tire through the new better;
  4. New side profile and anti-scratch line design can protect the side from impact and scratches;
  5. The middle pattern block is connected to each other by reinforcing bars to ensure the stability and high speed of the tire.
heavy duty truck tires 22.5

425 85r21 Heavy Duty Truck Tires 22.5 Benefits:

1. In terms of carrying capacity: due to its design and construction, the 425 85R21 tire can easily handle heavy loads, making it an excellent choice for large truck transport.

2. Enhanced traction, the tread pattern of this tyre ensures excellent grip on a variety of surfaces, both on the road and off-road conditions.

The rugged construction of the 3.425 85R21 tyre helps to extend tread life and wear resistance, thereby increasing the time between manual services.

4. This tyre size provides greater stability and ensures better handling and control for truck drivers, even under heavy loads or challenging road conditions.


In today’s world’s growing field of heavy truck tires, 425 85R21 as a very representative heavy truck tire, whether driving on city streets or driving on long highways, these tires, especially the tire models represented by well-known Chinese brands, have proved to be a good choice for heavy trucks. Three-a 425 85R21 Tires is committed to developing tire durability, high performance and cost effectiveness that will continue to drive more wheels for the global trucking industry into the future.

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