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AOTELI & RAPID UHP Ecosport Tyre Designed for Ultra High Performance Sport Cars

The Aoteli & Rapid ECOSPORT  tyre design reflects the emphasis on movement and control.  Such as a claw-like bionic tread pattern that can significantly improve high-speed stability, a double shoulder transverse groove that is conducive to rapid drainage, and a cut corner that can quickly break the water film to prevent slipping Processing etc. This ensures that the tires can still maintain strong grip and handling performance on dry or wet roads.

Production Description

Aoteli & Rapid UHP ECOSPORT  tyre

Pattern Features

■Asymmetric tread patterns
The outer edge high-rigid pattern, larger tread blocks, the tread pattern is not easily deformed and heated under high load and is quick response. The inner streamlined pattern enhances the wet performance of the tire.
■Ditch wall geometry angle design
It can prevent the block from curling when braking, make the pressure distribution of the tyre contact the ground even, and effectively increase the grounding area.Geometry angle design can scrape off the water film and shorten the braking distance. The pattern is more three-dimensional.
■Wide longitudinal drainage grooves
Optimal groove number and position setting, optimal combination of 4 circumferential grooves and lateral grooves, the grooves enhance water evacuation performance on wet roads and effectively prevent tyre lateral slip.
■ Ribbed block design
Ribbed center block design gives the tires precise control and ensures driving safety.
New sports formula
The new sports white carbon black formula enhances the grip and handling performance of tires.


Category Tire Brand Inch Size Pattern Speed index Overall Diameter(MM) Section Width(MM) Standard Rim Max Load
Kg Kpa
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 225/55R19 ECOSPORT 99V 731 233 7J 775 300
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 235/50R19 ECOSPORT 99V 719 245 7½J 775 300
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 235/55R19 ECOSPORT 105V 741 245 7½J 925 340
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 245/40ZR19 ECOSPORT 98Y 679 248 8½J 750 340
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 245/45ZR19 ECOSPORT 98Y 703 243 8J 750 300
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 20 245/50R20 ECOSPORT 102V 754 253 7½J 850 300
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 18 255/40ZR18 ECOSPORT 95Y 661 260 9J 690 300
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 255/45R19 ECOSPORT 100V 703 255 8½J 800 300
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 17 255/45ZR17 ECOSPORT 98W 662 255 8½J 750 300
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 255/55R19 ECOSPORT 111V 763 265 8J 1090 340
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 275/35ZR19 ECOSPORT 100Y 675 278 9½J 800 340
UHP Aoteli, Rapid, 19 275/40ZR19 ECOSPORT 101Y 703 278 9½J 825 300

Tyre Advantages

Comfort: low tire noise, low vibration and impacts against obstacles
High-performance: outstanding wear resistance and steering
Symmetric tread pattern: symmetric tread patterns on both sides guarantee excellent high-speed straight running performance
All-weather support: whenever on sunny or rainy days, summer or winter days, the tyre always provides good driving and grip force

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