The 9th Sales Business Annual Meeting, 2014, was held in Thailand

Ltd. successfully held the 9th Annual Salesmen’s Conference 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand from Nov. 25 to Nov. 29, 2014, inviting more than 180 distributors and salesmen from all over the country to gather together and seek development prospects. The General Manager of the Group, Mr. Song Shiliang, also attended the annual meeting.


After nearly thirty years of development and three successful transformations, Shengtai Group Co., Ltd. has developed into a large group of companies integrating tire R&D and production, aircraft dismantling, repair and maintenance, hot spring health care, pension and film and television creative park culture.
On November 25, 2014, more than 180 outstanding dealers and sales personnel from all over the country gathered in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, at 11:30 pm local time, in the famous Chinese restaurant, the outstanding dealers from China gathered together, 12:00 pm welcome luncheon officially began, first of all, the general manager of the group Song Shiliang gave a short welcome speech, first of all, welcome more than 180 outstanding dealers and sales personnel from China First of all, he welcomed more than 180 excellent dealers and sales personnel from China. Mr. Song pointed out that in the past year of 2014, although the tire industry has been subjected to unprecedented tests, however, through the joint efforts of dealers and sales personnel around the world, Shengtai Group’s products have achieved ideal sales, there is still nearly a month to go, I hope that the sales staff work together to sprint the last month of 2014, and strive to make the sales volume closer to a step, and successfully complete the 2014 sales plan. plan. At the same time, we also hope that the majority of dealers will give more valuable opinions and put forward their own insights on quality, specifications, models and sales policies. The Group will certify the summary of the past year’s work according to the suggestions of the majority of sellers, and make efforts to develop new patterns and specifications and improve sales policies in due course under the premise of continuously improving the quality of our own products. Lay a good foundation for the cooperation in 2015. Looking ahead to 2015, I believe that with the support of the majority of outstanding dealers, Shengtai Group will definitely achieve more brilliant results. Let’s go forward hand in hand and forge brilliance together. At the same time, we also hope that in the next five days, all outstanding dealers and sales staff, in Thailand, the most prestigious subtropical tourist city, temporarily put aside their work, relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. The dealers from all over the world also expressed their gratitude to the Shengtai Group for providing them with this opportunity to travel abroad, and they will definitely make further efforts to complete the sales tasks arranged by the Shengtai Group; they also wished the Shengtai Group a more brilliant development.


After lunch, Manager Song accompanied the dealers to visit the Grand Palace of Thailand, which is a must-visit place for tourists from all over the world and is equivalent to the Forbidden City of China, which brings together the essence of Thai architecture, painting, carving and decorative arts. Then, led by a local guide, the general manager and his party drove to the Jade Buddha Temple, which is adjacent to the Grand Palace and is the only Buddhist temple in Thailand without a monk presiding over it, where a national treasure of great value, the Jade Buddha, is enshrined. After that, we drove to the pier and took the old Thai water transport —- “Chao Phraya Princess” to visit the Chao Phraya River, which is a very special river in Thailand, and had a Thai-style buffet dinner while enjoying the night view on both sides of the Chao Phraya River and talking with the dealers about the bright future prospects. In the next few days, the group’s deputy general manager Song Shichao and sales ministers from various regions accompanied the outstanding dealers around the country to visit Thailand’s Royal Palace Museum, Dragon Tiger Park, Golden Triangle, Tropical Fruit Garden, Siam Princess Cruise, Moonlight Island — Grand Island — General Hill Tourist Tower — Pattaya Walking Street — Thai Massage Experience The Three Wonders – Temple of the Gods – Snake fight – Dongba Land – “Dullah’s promotion” water market, the Fifth King’s Palace – KING POWER – latex and souvenir center – boutique leather goods center -Royal Jewelry Center – Siren Show, etc.

Through this annual meeting of the dealers, the relationship between the dealers and the group has been brought closer, and the dealers have become more determined to cooperate with Shengtai Group, and I believe that the cooperation will be more pleasant in the future.

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