P306: All-weather low noise, durable tire

P306 is a tire that focuses on reducing driving noise and improving service life.
It has excellent all-weather suitability, providing excellent traction and braking performance in all weather.

So far, ThreeA Tires has sold a very large number of P306 tires and has received repeated positive feedback from customers.



• Low noise emission and low impact noise and vibration when rolling over obstacles
• Excellent wear and steering performances
• Symmetric tread pattern design for good straight line high speed stability
• Provide good traction and braking at all weather conditions (sunny, raining, summer, winter)

■ 4 wide longitude grooves
4 wide longitudinal grooves ensure effective water evacuation and improve aquaplaning.

■ Continuous center rib
Continuous center rib ensures straight line stability. Small tilted sipes significantly improve acceleration performance.

■ Anti-uneven-wear shoulder strip
2 anti-uneven-wear strips at the shoulder in order to stabilize tire profile and ensure sufficient shoulder support and stability at high speed cornering.

■ Silent pitch arrangement
Silent driving experience is achieved by optimized pitch width and arrangement, pitch displacement design to reduce tire harmonic noise.

■ Streamline groove-sipe network
Full streamline wide and thin groove-sipe network for longitude water evacuation and transversal air release. These inter- connected channels reduce tire air pumping noise.

■ Anti-slip all season sipe
The tread is covered with anti-slip all season sipes for driving stability at all weather conditions. It also enchances the heat dissipation and improve tire acceleration and braking performances.




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