ICE KNIGHT: The Best Winter Tire for Passenger Car

Although there are many winter tire on the market today, there is a lack of tires that have both winter and passenger car tire properties, so many customers have asked Shengtai Group for them.

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So today we would like to introduce you to the ICE KNIGHT tire from Rapid (a Shengtai sub-brand).

As the name implies, its excellent snow performance is enough to call it ICE KNIGHT!

Today, let’s get to know this tire!


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Passenger car tire advantages

• Comfort: low tyre noise, low vibration and impacts against obstacles snow-land
• Steering: excellent steering on icy and snowy roads
• Directional tread patterns: ensures the high-speed stability
• Winter tyres: offers good driving and grip force in cold days

Pattern Features

■Three Circumferential Drainage Grooves
Optimize water and snow evacuation, and improve tyre grip force
■Tread Circumferential Fine Sipes
Such design effectively reduces side slip on icy and snowy roads, and improves driving safety.
■3D Steel Sheets
Such sheets enhance rigidity of tread blocks, provide enough grip force and outstanding steering experience.
■Brand-new Silicon-Filled Tread Surface
Such design gives full play to winter tyres.


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